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 You are the god of this flat planet. Bring citizens in it and try to keep them!

This is a strategy game where you need to place buildings to bring citizens to your planet.

Step 1 :

Pick and place Work/Food/Utilities in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2 :

Combine Work/Food/Utilities to create houses and bring residents.

Step 3 :

Grow your city by adding more houses but watch out for natural disasters, they can destroy your city! If your residents are missing Work/Food/Utilities they will leave your city!

Teams :

Jordan Dion-Duval - 3D Artist

Alex Dupuis - 3D Artist

Jonatan Bezeau - 3D Artist

Sidney Torck - 3D Artist

Antoine Massé - Programmer

William Lebel - Programmer

Martin Johnson - Programmer

Quentin Chailleux - Game Designer


Stay_On_Flatland v2.zip 37 MB

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