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Game for 2 players!

Guillermus and Rufus are 2 incredible knights. They saved a lof of princesses and they never expected anything in return. One day, they cross 2 princesses who are talking about a party in honor of the GREATEST knights. The problem ? They are not invited. And that,  is UNACCEPTABLE.

In Princesses with Machine Guns, there are princesses and ... machine guns. Our 2 friends Rufus and Guillermus are mad and they will let it be known ! Face all these ungrateful princesses with your machine guns and make them pay for their affronts.

Programming :

David Duhem - Elise Nguyen - Maxence Colas

Game Design :

Quentin Chailleux - Paul Bourdeau

Game Art : 

Jason Hameon - Martin Arribard

Producing : 

Maxime Tailame


Princesses With Machine Guns.7z 99 MB

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