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Coqrider is an arcade racing game in which you play a hen trying to catch up with the love of her life.
With the help of a jetpack, catch your rooster who's running away.

This game is made by students from the IIM  school during a gamejam of 3 days.

Enjoy !  =)


Vincent Bruneau - Dev

Julien Barreauld - GD/ LD

Arthur Favre - Dev

Maël Bourgine - Dev

Leonard Vuillot - Dev

Océane Pimpit - Art

Youenn Bourdel - Art

Jérome - Dev

Quentin Chailleux - GD/SD

Install instructions

-Download the .zip file

-Extract the file

-Launch the "CoqRider.exe" file

-Enjoy !


CoqRider.zip 25 MB

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