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Captain’s Downfall is a coop/competition party game where 4 players have to throw objects to eject their opponents to be the last pirate standing ! 

Welcome to Captain’s Downfall ! Play a pirate during a mutiny ! the Captain of your ship threw you into an island to settle your differences. Be the last on the island to claim your right to come back on the ship !

Throw many objects to your opponents, try to dodge their attacks and use the canon and barrels for powerful chain reaction ! 

Make alliance or betray the other players like a real pirate !


  • Throw everything close to you like planks, coconuts, pistols … EVERYTHING !
  • Heavy, medium and light objects with different ejection strenght !
  • Play 4 different crew members !
  • Push opponents into canon and barrels to eject them !
  • Play random FFA or 2 vs 2 ! It changes each round ! Good for betrayal !

Producer - Quentin Chailleux

Lead Game Designer - Alexandre Begis

Game Designer - Raphaël Ortolan

Game/Sound Designer - Marcus Do Rego

Lead Developer - Corentin Lelong

Developer - Siméon Malaret

Game Artist - Paul Gaffney


Captains Downfall.zip 43 MB

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